Home Sweet Townhome: Homeowner’s Edition

Home is wherever you decide to make it. I hesitate to say it’s where you settle down because you should never settle when choosing your home or home accents and decor. One of my best friends bought a townhouse in her home town, close to family. Some areas were gutted, others were enhanced and other areas are still waiting for new life to be breathed into them. We are finally putting the finishing touches on her townhouse and it truly shows her personality. From the paint colors down to the vase made out of rulers, all of our choices are a true depiction of what my friend is all about.

My friend loves color. She is not afraid of it at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love color too, but I love color with accent pieces because I’m always changing my mind or changing decor for the holidays. So naturally, neutral colors are best for me as base pieces for furniture and wall colors. However, I was ecstatic when my friend asked me to help her design her new home because I knew I would get to work with as many colors as possible. I got to do in her home what I’m afraid to do in mine!

We decided on blues and greys for for the walls and accent pieces. We enhanced our choices with yellow as a splash of color. Our theme started out as just contemporary/modern, but we decided to throw in some industrial/rustic pieces as well. Take a look at some close up sneak peek pictures below.

A new home takes time to make your own so don’t fret when it doesn’t happen all at once. My house is still under construction three years later, but that is because I will never rush or settle for something that my family and I will have to live with for years to come (and also because we have an energetic 16 month old who doesn’t leave us with much time to get things done, ha!) Stay tuned for how it all comes together! Shop the Look here.

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