Spreading Interior Design and Decor into the Classroom: 6 Ways to Create the Perfect Space

As a teacher I know that our home away from home is the classroom. So when you think about what you want in your classroom you think about calming colors and making sure that everything is neatly organized and labeled. Will it stay that way throughout the year? No, but you can at least try! When I have simple classroom decor that carries throughout the room and clearly labeled bins that are organized I am less stressed which in turn makes my students less stressed.

Now I know you would normally post about a classroom “makeover” in July or August, but at that time we feel rushed and can only spend so much time in our rooms because it’s extremely hot in the summer (no AC!). You’ve lived in your rooms for almost 6 months now and you’re seeing what works and what doesn’t. Now is the time to think about what you could be doing at the end of the year/summer to change things up. If you start changing things now it’ll confuse the kids so don’t go into hyper mode thinking everything needs to be done now and right away.

Step 1: Use simple furniture pieces to minimally organize what you need. Don’t over do it!

So when I entered my new classroom for the year I realized I didn’t have any furniture except a large bookcase. I needed more for my classroom library. Luckily, I found this bookcase in the hallway of school and it was about to go in the dumpster. I took it home and told my husband to work his magic. He went to Home Depot and bought two shelves cut specifically to the correct measurements so that I could have a new top and an additional shelf. I used Florence chalk paint by Annie Sloan my friend had left over. I did not seal it with wax due to time constraints and because it was going in my classroom so I figured it would get dinged anyway at some point.
IMG_3460                      IMG_3534


Step 2: Look for neutral background paper and use it throughout the room.

When using paper to cover my boards I usually use a nice soft blue and rainbow border that goes with anything, but I’ve been doing that for 8 years and was tired of it. I saw this wood background paper and knew I had to have it. It is neutral enough to use throughout the room and really make colors pop!


Step 3: Find border that complements your background paper.

I also decided to try something different with my border. I wanted a straight border, but couldn’t find one that I wanted. I found this scalloped black and white chalkboard polka dot border and put it together with plain white scalloped border. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy and it was time consuming, but it was absolutely worth it because I love it. It goes with anything and all colors.


Step 4: Get affordable storage bins that simplify organization and make your shelves look good!

These bins are made by Sterilite, however, I also have other bins that I stumbled upon at my local Dollar Tree. What a steal!


Step 5: Find matching labels and use them throughout the room.

Having matching labels on bins, buckets, baskets, etc. always makes your storage look clean. (See above. ^)

Step 6: Add some flare with banners!

So I guess you could say I may have went a little overboard on banners in my room, but I love them! I really like how they seperate and clearly show each subject for my students.

Shop the Look and more here! (I added additional items from my classroom not pictured in this post).

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