How It All Started

My husband and I bought a 1950’s fixer upper before we got married with plans of making it our own. Our family helped us to take down walls and create a space for us that we now call our home. We started out with a couch and folding chairs with dreams of adding furniture and decor pieces that would be part of our “forever” home. My designs came to life from the inspiration of a painting. I used the colors to create a vision for our home; from the chocolate stained wood floors to the hand picked fabric for our dining rooms chairs down to the brushed nickel kitchen cabinet knobs and handles. I planned every detail of our house knowing exactly what we wanted. As friends came over to congratulate us on our new home we received many compliments. Friends asked if I could help with designing and decorating their new home or specific room in their house. From there I decided to take on little projects here and there. I’ve always had a love for art and fashion and decided to take this new hobby of interior design and make it something more. As a full-time mommy to an energetic toddler and new baby girl, wife to an amazing husband, and second grade teacher this hobby of mine has helped to keep my life balanced and creative.