About NSLH Design LLC

No Space Like Home Design, LLC is a place where you can stop by for some inspiration or advice on interior design, home decor and organization!

Meet Christine

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I’m Christine and I originally created No Space Like Home Design, LLC to share my stories and our home’s transformation. It grew into something much more. NSLH Design lets me share my love of interior design, decor and organization, as well as inspire others who are in search of something new.

I am full-time mommy to an energetic toddler and baby girl, wife to an amazing husband, and a second grade teacher. I redesigned our family’s 1950s fixer upper. It was then that my hobby grew into a passion. We’re still working on our home and probably always will be, but that’s what makes it so special. As our family grows so do our needs.

So take a look around the blog for some inspiration or advice. Maybe you’ll find something you like!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to chat about any of my projects or a project of your own! You can email me at nslhdesign@gmail.com.


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