Christmas Cheer

Unlike other stores or websites, you will never see a post from me about Christmas or Christmas decorations before Halloween or Thanksgiving. As a society we’ve become so consumed with being the first person to do something or recreating the best Pinterest idea to post on Facebook that we’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas. I love this season. It’s a time for family and reflecting. Every year my husband and I spend the Saturday after Thanksgiving decorating for Christmas while watching Christmas movies on repeat. I use the same simple, classic theme every year on our Christmas tree and throughout the house: red, silver and white. Decorating after Thanksgiving makes it even more special for us because we can actually enjoy one holiday at a time. Here are some pictures of our Christmas decor. I’m a creature of habit so it’ll most likely look like this again! Share how you decorate for Christmas in the comments section. I’m always looking for new ideas! And isn’t this season all about sharing?

1. Figure out what kind of theme you want and purchase items that match it.

I love red, silver and white ornaments, especially ones that represent nature like snowflakes and pine cones! Throw a little glitter in there and it’s magical!


2. Continue traditions or make some of your own!

Our Snow Village by Department 56 is a continued tradition. I grew up with a Snow Village that my mom used to put out every year in our bay window. My husband and I wanted to continue that tradition. Every year we get a new house or building and people to fill up our winter wonderland!

I also love banners. I’m trying to decorate with one for every holiday, but I’m picky and at times I can’t find what I think fits in our space. This is our second Christmas banner (thanks to Pottery Barn Kids), but I love that it is red burlap and silver glitter letters. It’s perfect for our Christmas theme!


3. Use decor you already have in your space (if you can) to make decorating simple and fun!

I use the lanterns from our wedding centerpieces to  change with the seasons! In the fall I fill them with pumpkins and in the winter time I fill them with red ornaments and timed twinkle lights. It’s a simple way to use our current decor and change it with the seasons.

Just like I use our wedding centerpieces I also use friends’ wedding centerpieces. This low glass vase was actually part of a centerpiece for one of my friend’s weddings. I now use it for every holiday as our dining room table centerpiece and change it with the seasons as well. I decided to use pine cones and sparkling accents from Pier One Imports.



4. Use decorative pillows to replace or add to your current throw pillows. It really is a great way to add to you Christmas decor and not break the bank!

We usually have throw pillows on our bench and chair in our living room, but I love being able to change them and use our Christmas pillows. It really makes our space look more festive!


Here is a panorama of our cozy living room. Our lovely reclaimed wood coffee table from Pottery Barn is now under our bay window to prevent our 16 month old son from going near our Snow Village and electrical outlets. He’s still learning how to navigate around our Christmas decor. =)

I hope you’ve enjoyed a look into our magical Christmas winter wonderland.

Enjoy decorating!



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